It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I like it!

The experience of walking through the city center of my town can be bizarre at times: you typically encounter various types of people and some of them are nothing short of cuckoo.

When you apply this scenario to street music, what you get are mostly unpleasant and annoying sounds, that really don’t fit well with being at work, trying to do something productive, while keeping windows open.

Today was an exception. There was a talented electric guitarist that was playing a few medleys not very far from our office, and the incredible acoustics of Genova’s caruggi (you should know what they are by now) brought his notes to my ears.

As soon as I stepped away from the office, I couldn’t stop my self from swinging by and capturing a video of his performance.

His name is Valerio Papa, and he’s got a Facebook page.

Keep it up, Valerio!

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