About WordCamp Torino 2016

Some say that a WordCamp isn’t really over until you blog about it.

So here I am, writing down a few thoughts about what has been an incredible event, WordCamp Torino 2016, the first official WordPress gathering in Italy in years.

First off, a big thank you to everyone involved in the organization of the event and the volunteers: you did an amazing job and everything went so great mainly because of your passion and commitment.

I’d also like to thank the speakers, who all delivered great presentations and I’m sure inspired not only me, but also the rest of the attendees.

Last but not least the sponsors, that made all of this possible.

For those of you who are unaware of the fact, the Italian WordPress community has been kind of lost and shattered for a good while. Even if the project was still maintained greatly and supported over the years by a very active and committed group of people, a complete sense of community was sort of missing.

Still, thanks to the wise choice of having a continent-wide WordCamp, many of us Italian WordPress enthusiasts managed to first met in Leiden, at WordCamp Europe 2014, then again in Sofia a year later, then again in Seville last June.

You know, the thing that strikes me the most about WordCamps is that by attending you not only receive invaluable new notions and tons of fresh inspiration and motivation, but you also get the opportunity of actively connecting with people all around the world.

That’s exactly what happened to us: over time, we didn’t only meet and discuss and contribute to the project, but we also became great friends, true friends and at the end of the day that’s one of the biggest reasons why everyone walked off with a big smile.

Give a group of friends the appropriate amount of time and an event like WordCamp Torino can happen and I’m sure that in the end it will be regarded of the first of many more.

I think two tweets sum it up way better that I’m equipped to do:

and lastly:

Oh yeah, I do too!

WordCamp Torino 2016

For those of you that don’t know, Italy hasn’t had an official WordCamp for a few years in a row, with the last one being held in Bologna in early 2013.

In the past couple of years, the italian WordPress community has reorganized itself, with new local meetups being formed, led by reinvigorated polyglots and support teams, which now provide translations for themes, plugins, as well as WordPress core and apps, and help others over at the italian WordPress hub.


This breath of fresh air led to reorganizing events as well: on April 2nd Turin will host an official WordCamp, preceded with a Contributor Day the day before.

The importance of events like this cannot be overstated, and we hope this is going to be only the first in a long list of WordPress enthusiasts gatherings in our country.

At Evolve, we have decided to help the cause micro-sponsoring the event: it’s a small contribution, of course, but with lots of these great things can be accomplished.

And, hey, there are still tickets available: if you’re around, grab one, and come say hi!